Industry-Leading Rail Yard Solutions

Year over year, month over month rail yard traffic is increasing. In order to meet the challenges of moving more traffic faster and safely, industry leaders are turning towards automation. LLX is a key solutions provider for automation solutions in flag-yard, fuel-yard, maintenance facility and mining applications.

Our forward looking design approach balances flexibility for each unique application while still utilizing best practices across the industry. This balance provides minimized development time without forcing customers into a canned solution.

The stacked capacity system design allows customers to begin with automation at any level while implementing consideration for future expansion with minimal overlapping costs. As yards continue to evolve, our systems are ready to expand alongside requirements.

Rail Yard Switch Automation

The first step to automation in any rail yard lies with intelligent switching. The LLX team has extensive background in developing systems to interact with a number of rail yard switch machines such as the Alstom Hydra Switch™.

For more information regarding the Alstom Hydra-Switch™, please refer to the data sheet:

The Alstom 3000LP Hydra-Switch Data Sheet

The Alstom 3000LP Hydra-Switch

Automation of the switch machines can provide ROI not only in areas of throughput, but also in reduced physical injury to operators and reduced equipment damage due to enforcement of clearance zones for cornering incidents.

LLX systems can communicate directly to the Hydra-Switch logic controller with no requirement for additional hardware. Our system has the capacity to pull switching data such as:

  • Power Statistics
  • Throw Statistics
  • Position / Gap Status
  • Maintainer Inhibit / Programming in Progress
  • Occupancy Status
  • Route Status

In addition, the LLX system can issue direct commands to:

  • Throw (Normal/Reverse/Toggle)
  • Inhibit Switch Operation from Field Control
  • Reset Route Information
  • Reset Occupancy Status

Switch Indication Lights

The LLX4000 Series Switch Indication Lights are a high-quality, economical solution for switch indication. Our switches are rugged, lightweight, and field-tested to operate in all environments. We offer custom design service to adapt our lights to your specific switch.

This assembly is availalbe in a two, three and four lamp setup as and integrates into any automatic switch containing controlled outputs. We offer both pole-mounted and low-profile designs. Our lights come standard with automatic night time dimming functionality.

Key features include:
  • High Visibility
  • Automatic Night Time Dimming
  • Rugged Aluminum Design
  • Low Power Consumption (Compatible with Solar)

Local Control Panels

Control of rail yard switches can exist in multiple forms throughout the yard operating environment. The most basic automation solution is the Local Control Panel (LCP). Our LCPs begin with a close team interaction with your team to determine the most effective graphical representation of your rail yard. Our goal is a device that meets your needs operationally and aesthetically.

Once laid out, each switch will be represented and fitted with a control button, along with 3-4 LED indications to meet your needs.

LED indications can be used to indicate any combination of information to the yard crew including:

  • Position / Gap Status
  • Battery Status
  • Communication Status
  • Route Status
  • Occupancy Status
  • Local Lockout Status

Depending on customer definition, each LCP has the capacity to not only control individual switches, but to also align routes and stack pre-determined routes into memory for future execution.

Panels are constructed as a NEMA4 enclosure with no requirements for additional protection from elements in a rail yard environment. (-40 to +70C operating range). Power requirements are a common AC feed with draws under 3A nominal for lowered installation and ownership costs.

Our panels may be single or double pole-mounted as per customer request.

Remote Control Switching

Taking automation to the next level often requires putting visibility and control of the yard into the hub of the yard decision making; the control tower. Not only can plans be executed immediately, but tower control can minimize employee fouling time and protect personnel.

Our system takes all the data made available at the switch points and brings it to the fingertips of your team through remote office systems. Visibility and control can be allocated to multiple users in our PC-based solution.

Operators view a real-time representation of the yard with switch position, occupancy, communication and maintenance data available. Entry/Exit gating can be implemented with a pre-stacking feature to allow preparation for common or large scale jobs.

DTMF Translator

Control on the ground doesn't have to be limited to stationary point control. Take yard operations on the ground mobile with our DTMF Translator solution. This device allows single or multi-switch control using pin codes entered via your handheld or locomotive cab radios.
No need to add equipment to your team, simply utilize the tools you have already invested in.

The DTMF Translator system provides switch control and voice feedback on inquiries and commands. The system can accept commands to:
  • Switch Throw Normal / Reverse
  • Switch Query on Demand
  • Set Active Routes
  • System Voice Test
  • System Time Announcement
  • System Test
  • Turn Route Lights On / Off
  • Cancel a Single Active Route or All Active Routes
  • Query Active Routes
and provide announcements such as:
  • System Power Loss
  • Working on Back Up Battery
  • Switch Throw
    • Occupied
    • Locked Out
    • Blocked
    • Out of Communication

Point Pick Pressure Device

With today's technology, the output force of a switch is only one consideration for proper point closure. RRs must also consider connection rod length, track conditions and other sources for mechanical loss. These variables make standard holding force measurements almost impossible.

The LLX Point Pick Pressure Device is designed to provide a switch and track configuration independent measurement of the force required to open a given set of points.

Mechanically operated, yet digitally measured for accuracy, this device allows the RR to test switches not only to industry standards, but to internal requirements as well.

Operators quickly clamp the device around the closed point side of the switch and set the monitor. The switch is then manually moved to the minimum gapped position. The PPP device records the peak force against the clamp. This force required to drive the switch gapped is equal to the pick pressure for the switch stand. This value correlates to the force in which any of today's yard switch machines hold points to the stock rail.

MDS Radio USB Cable

Our custom MDS Radio USB Cable makes establishing a connection between almost any PC / Laptop and an MDS radio quick and easy.

Our standard cable is 6 feet. Other lengths are available upon request.